NFM Choir Artistic director/choirmaster

The new artistic director of the NFM Choir will start cooperation with the ensemble from the 2021/2022 season. Their task will be to consolidate the artistic image of the NFM Choir and continue its development path, as well as to efficiently program and present a high quality repertoire of concerts, planned both under the artistic director’s direction and conducted by guest artists. In addition, the task of the new artistic director will be to present and then consistently implement a clearly defined artistic vision, thanks to which the NFM Choir will continue to occupy a significant place among ensembles of this class both in Poland and abroad.

Essential Requirements:
• documented cooperation with professional ensembles as chorister and / or conductor,
• spoken and written English on at least a good level
• availability,
• very good organizational skills.

• preparation of the NFM Choir development strategy;
• programming in consultation with the NFM director in the following scope:
- their own a cappella concerts (up to four in the season),
- cooperation with other bands and artists,
- recording plans of the NFM Choir;
• conducting rehearsals preparing the NFM Choir for performing vocal- instrumental works as well as a cappella programmes presented in and outside the NFM under your own and other conductors' direction;
• conducting auditions of candidates for work in the NFM Choir and advising the NFM director on hiring new singers;
• agreeing on the work schedule of the NFM Choir in consultation with the manager and team inspector;
• preparing casts for specific programmes, including involving singers from outside the ensemble’
• giving opinions on annual leave applications of the NFM Choir artists;
• choosing soloists for individual vocal parts;
• conducting quartet auditions (minimum once a season);
• conducting annual auditions for ensemble members together with the NFM director;
• cooperating with the manager and ensemble personnel manager in financial and organizational matters related to the NFM Choir;
• ensuring high quality of all NFM Choir performances;
• taking care of the image of the NFM Choir.

If you are interested, please send to praca@nfm.wroclaw.pl by 31 May 2020 the following documents:
• a letter of intent addressed to the director of the National Forum of Music;
• CV together with a detailed list of projects carried out with professional ensembles as chorister and / or conductor [dates, venues, programme, performers, role in the project], including completed CD and DVD recordings [title, year of publication, label, cover scan ]

• proposals of three concert programmes (60-70 minutes each), which in 75% will consist of works not performed by the ensemble during the last five seasons (PDF with list of works attached); next to a cappella works, the programme envisage participation of a small instrumental line-up (up to four instruments) or soloists (up to four people) in a repertoire up to 30% of the duration of the concert.

On the basis of applications received, a ranking of candidates fulfilling the competition criteria shall be carried out. Eligible candidates with the highest score shall be invited in the 2020/2021 season to conduct rehearsals (full preparation cycle) and a concert with the NFM Choir. Each of them will present one of the programmes that they sent in the competition application (this programme will be indicated by the director of NFM).

From among the candidates who conduct the NFM Choir concert, the director of the National Music Forum will indicate the new artistic director of the NFM Choir, who will work with the ensemble for a fixed-term period, the length of which will be agreed with the candidate.

Please attach the following statement to the application:

"I consent to the processing of my personal data provided in the recruitment documents for the purposes of this recruitment, these data being other than those regulated by the Labour Code. Additionally, I consent to the processing of my personal data provided in the recruitment documents for the purposes of possible future recruitments, but not longer than for a year from the end of this recruitment. "

We would like to inform you that we will contact only selected candidates.

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